It’s crazy how everyone is so quick to post em bull run and profits on ripple 😂 when OGs have been holding for almost a year now and price still doing same thing… everybody reacting to price flunctiation and volatility like they have no knowledge about what the heck price is doing… how’s break and retest hard to identify, many are acting to what they see and not what they know.. but that’s why many loose cause its not that they lack knowledge but they fail to put the knowledge to use… price action will always follow a pattern, if few retail traders pump millions into the market out of 200 billion of us, that doesn’t mean we should see a surge, it take Billions of money and specific amount of positions to move the market in the projected direction.. don’t be controlled by FOMO, trust your analysis and follow price action not chase after it… I will be sharing my previous analysis on this particular pair “ripple” and also with further updates I will be showing you how well we have been bagging in this journey…

This is a major throwback for those that have been following my analysis for years now, this whole run started in 2019 on the daily TF.. January 8th 2020 price smashed our 1st ever Target on XRPUSD.. with so much slow complication from Trump tweets and major news price have been moving slowly and at the same time investors have been loosing hope pon the bull run, but as a swing/position trader this trade have lasted over a year for me with further technical illustration below..
RIPPLE smashed its 1st target early in 2020 and then further techncial breakdown was given on the weekly TF, this trade was made public and this was opportuniy to many because updates kept dropping through out the year and price have been on track..
DECEMBER 17th 2020 our final update dropped on ripple after a massive bull run towards the end of the year, december was a volatile month and price played oput well with our analysis.
FEBRUARY 1st 2021 price can be seen with a volatile volume, bulls going through break and retest on every timeframe,original position should be maintained for longterm traders to avoid this madness, trade safe the bank is trying to get every retail trader broke, if you dont understand the fact that we are currently trading in the bank zone then you need some extensive coaching, bet less and do not react with what you see online, many are posting only their wins and not losses dont get caught meddling on chasing price instead of followin g it..

Crypit_fx is a branch of profit_fx solely focused on Technical and Fundamental Analysis on CryptoCurrency…follow website and channel for more future updates and for those looking forward to have the knowledge on how to breakdown price action just like i do, kindly email or leave a comment and you will be reached.. its a new year theres no reason not to have the knowldge you need to succeed this decade, it will be wise to make use of this free education rt now while it last before everything goes private.. share your thoughts down in the comment and lets get the year started.. Thanks.

FEBRUARY 4th 2021

ENTRY: 0.21500
TP: 0.43000

Additional Entry have just been added to XRP-USD for those asking me about a secure location to set entries for some further projection, price still bullish for sure, could be a slow run so its safe to use proper risk management, new entry indentified, trade with a long term mindset. Bag like pros and lets get everyone stuckinprofit..
FEBRUARY 5th 2020 Ripple is currently resting on our resistance zone and also ur additional entry, for everyone currently taking this trading position, kindly use proper risk managment, this is a long term trade, bag safe.
Ripple with the reputation of one of the most efficient payment method out there…. we are very #stuckinprofit and price is playing out as planned, with so couple of pullbacks we fear not lol.. price is bullish and we can always bag it techncially without worry, initial entry and additional entry currently locked in, stay put and bag with patient we are #stuckinprofit.


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