Bitcoin (BTC) is recognised as the world’s first truly digitalised digital currency (also known as a cryptocurrency). The Bitcoin price is prone to volatile swings; making it historically popular for traders to speculate on and that is why we are currently seeing this bull power trying to take over. But remember for every break there is a retest, my analysis shows price is currently trading in the red zone and we should not be buying.. there is a big break and retest on the monthly timeframe i believe thats why we are having this choppy movements… sell stop got activated once and currently stopped out, i will be watching price for the sell rally.. updates will be given as we ride the bag, trade safe using proper risk management and also be ready to get stuck in profit.

SELL STOP got hit and price went the opposite direction leaving us with -1%
Current price action looks like we will be retracing our prior entry, if we see a rejection of the trend line for the 3rd time we will be seeing another opportunity for the sell rally… watch price action and trade safe, its still early and its monday, price needs to retrace its steps..

JANUARY 26th 2021

BTCUSD made a decent move just as projected above yesterday, it was said that price will retrace its steps and give us another opportunity for the sell rally that is coming up about rt now, we can see clearly price just broke down from the trendline, after the 3rd touch and as discussed before, that was our Initial sell entry and price only was retesting resistance.. It is high time we get prepared with our sell order and trade using proper risk management.. its about to be a great day…

JANUARY 27th 2021

Its London session on a wednesday and price is currently sitting on 31300…if price possibly breakdown to 30300 today, that will confirm my sell and trust me no mentor is going to see this coming,you know why ? i will tell you, they wont see it coming because this is a masterclass trading pattern only the few that are familiar with market structure will confirm this particular technical analysis, but with patience i know we have so much buying power and potential but i trust my analysis, before the bull run, this will play out, trade using perfect risk management and do not over trade, lets wait for the massive breakout before adding more entries, could be a great day, in the next 3 hours we will have a big new dropping and this could drop Bitcoin, if it doesnt then we will be waiting for the heavy duty news also coming up in the next 8 hours.. any of this 2 major news is my todays confluence, lets watch price action as we wait for the drop… trade safe and be ready to get #stuckinprofit.
BTC-USD currently stuck in profit of over 500 pips.. who is bagging ? leave some great comment down below, lets bag like pros..
BTC-USD broke 30300 we just confirmed our sell signal is 100% lit… remember i told you no mentor will see this coming lol i was not joking….bulletproof all entries now.

JANUARY 28th 2021

BTC-USD price action broke through 30300 yesterday, sell bias confirmed, currently price is trading in the zone and this is because Cryptocurrencies have come under pressure in recent times despite interest from big financial institutions such as BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. My sell order has been replaced with a new order and position will soon get active, i will urge everyone to do the same, price is currently retesting the broken support zone and now turning it into a resistance zone, if NY session plays out nice like yesterday we should see a beautiful price action today… signal is very valid, but trade with proper risk management..

With further illustration given by price action, i can clearly see a perfect double top candle stick on the 4H TF (Trading in the zone) and also i am seeing a new entry opportunity at $31,000.. Bitcoin prices have slipped by 4% after hitting the $35,000 level on Monday.. this could be another confluence that price could drop more its just stalling, patience is the real bag, lets rack it up again tpday..

Finally JAN 29th 2021 price finally stopped me out on my BTC-USD position and this is because of the recent Volatility in the market.. manipulation by federal reserve pumping dollars into failing Banks and Cooperations, this does not seem ok to everyone but trust me when i say this is what is called “when big boys dont like to lose”. And also Reddit users are currently rallying around GAMESTOP stocks that is currently making few millions of dollars after 90% of shareholders sold their stocks, this was said to be regulated but i doubt its anytime soon. The entire stock market have just disconnected itself from reality, its funny how quickly the financial press are crying for hedge funds just after a weekly drawdown, seem like 2021 will be kicking off foots early this year..

BTC-USD current price action just broke through my trendline and stopped out all selling positions in minimal profit, i will be patient with price action and wacth whats to happen next, is this a fake out because of the current market reaction or does this mean BTC is now bullish, we have a stunning price strcuture that just got denied, we should wait to see whats to come.. with more updates that will be dropped later stay safe for now, let the big boys have their cut.

Here is my 5th confluence on BTC-USD for those asking in worry, we have just withnesses 1 of the biggest manipulation in the hustory of financial market…

We have a failed price structure… price shoulda dropped but thats why the big boys will always win, they are the feds, take your losses with pride and get ready for another bag.

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