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Our job starts with you: understanding what you need and who you are so we can offer you options that make sense i.e, trading is the option, and if you are interested in free signals, please use link below.

We dream of a future where people will stop depending on employment and instead, be your own boss.

Products and Services

  • Premium Signals; we trade
  • various currencies pairs.
  • Crypto-currencies pairs.
  • Binary Trading.
  • Coaching and Webinars.

At profit fx, we are not only traders, we are also a family. A family that helps each other grow. We are patient and always ready to help and guide our members.

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Why Us

We teach what we know, but we re-produce what we are. …………….Samfxgoat

Profit fx was just a vision that started two years ago. It took resilience and hard work for us to get where we are today. It’s not because of us we grew, but because of our clients/subscribers. They pushed us to look at the bigger picture and try to reach out to a greater number of people, and that is how ‘PROFITFX’ the brand was born. We are here for you, with you just to do one thing, and that’s to make you GREAT traders.